Travis Scott's Rep Says Rapper Hasn't Stopped Grieving Since Festival Tragedy

Rawlings-Blake told King that Travis had no idea of the tragedy unfolding at the concert, and she pointed out that he stopped the show several times to see what was going on. She also stated that it was hours before Travis and their team realized that people were sent to the hospital and had died as a result of injuries sustained at the concert. 

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rawlings-Blake addressed claims that Travis Scott had the ability to stop the concert. She explained, “This notion that Travis had the ability to stop the concert is ludicrous. They have a 59-page operations plan, and it clearly says the only two people that have the authority to stop the concert were the executive producer and the concert producer. He was not responsible for this, but he wants to be responsible for the solution, and I’m here to make sure that we can connect the dots.” 

Rawlings-Blake stated that Travis has been grieving since the tragedy unfolded, and she revealed that they have both been in contact with the families of the victims. You can hear more above. 

Source Vlad tv 


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