YouTube deleted kwame brown video ! Kwame brown , Angela Stanton king, & brother rizza islam has questions for president Biden COVID 19 mandates

Kwame brown has questions for the president

Kwame brown YouTube channel

Self talks YouTube channel

Kwame brown

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  1. As a reagan/limbaugh/trump conservative now you see what we been dealing with for years. It aint about blk/wt,rich/poor,yng/old etc. Its Communism vs. FREEDOM


  2. Correct! This is a surface layer of the stripping away of the “Freedoms” afforded by the Constitution that are due all Americans. My question is when are you coming to Oakland California.


  3. Ole boy Stephen A his kind of been around since the beginning of time but don’t think he’s not feeling the vibe that’s coming off many people towards him one word TOM


  4. This world is sick pushing their agenda with this vaccine and just all the other stuff that violate our rights. Felicia from Port Arthur TX and Dependable Angel Services


  5. This is what we need. When they “try” and shut down our voice…we will find another way to get the word out. Soon my brothers and sisters…I believe the masses of black people will wake up…and then it’s on!

    Thanks self talk!


  6. I thing coming to America is worse than communism because it a combination of communism, fascism, tyranny, rogue capitalism, depopulation, satanism ,LGBTQ religion, no law and natural order, only talking heads and celebrity giving the government mandate information. Corporations are arms of the government and are tax exempt status thus will have sold their souls for profit, We the people white, black, asians, mexicans and all human beings of planet earth must fight against this evil plan beginning with the depopulation worldwide of only a half of billion left on earth.


  7. Does the vaccine cause sterility and infertility?
    Are they any black or any other kind of substance floating in any of the vaccines?
    How can you mandate something for us? I thought the POTUS worked for we the people.
    You said you’ll never mandate a vax in one of your speeches. What happen?


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