charlamagne admits he was purposely making dolls do gay acts for his own trolling pleasures even during serious topics

A supporter sent Kwame brown a donation about the dolls breakfast club has in their videos in sexual positions 

When kwame brown read the shoee chat donation he was appalled how a patch eyed demon could do something like that on a syndicated radio show and tv show that has a kid audience and seems to be pushing a “gay agenda” allegedly. Theres nothing wrong with being gay! we shouldn’t have to announce what we are and what we do behind closed doors to the media!!  In 2021. The media should do a better job at pushing trade schools and coding and other ways to help kids & low income families. It seems a though word got back to charlamagne about kwame brown and self talk video because this has been going on for years!! . the video I found about the dolls is when ctg was talking about nipsey hussle’s killer Eric holder(rip nip)!. If you look closely behind ctg he had dolls behind him giving each other head !! . Ctg and breakfast club are some weirdos. Keep in mind the dolls you see behind him  are of  himself (charlamagne)and dj Envy !!! 
Click here to watch the video breakfast club gay dolls explained


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