The end of dr boyce Watkins by SELFTALK!

Video here
Part two

Dr. Boyce Watkins deserves every bit of scrutiny he is receiving. The Charles Wu video is damaging, and no amount of vitriol the Dr. aims at those asking questions makes this go away. Boyce broke the trust he has built with some of his strongest supporters, but more damaging than that is the harm he will continue to do to those semi-conscious brothers and sisters who refuse to open their eyes. We need to view these secular saviors the same way we view pulpit pimps and other conmen praying on the Black community.

Every good con is built on trust. The most fruitful cons take a long time to develop. Charles Wu found someone (Dr. Boyce Watkins) who was running a similar hustle and used him to expand his brand. Charles Wu was on video bragging about his ability to sell dreams to “niche markets” (Black people). He admitted he was selling a “religion”. The most damning part of the video is when Wu pulls up Dr. Boyce Watkins’ image on his screen and parrots his whole pitch almost word for word. Boyce might not be at the end of Charles Wu’s puppet strings, but one would have to try awful hard not to see this for what it is: Charles bragging about his “plug” into the Black community.

I’ve written about the “Conscious Pharisees” a lot the last few years. It is almost worthless. The war for the soul of the Black community isn’t between those who are “woke” and those who are asleep. The real war is fought between honest intellectuals trying to build and those who use their gifts to exploit. The most ardent supporters of these hope peddlers spend more time attacking the people trying to wake them up than questioning the actions of the folks trying to separate them from their money. Some of the most ignorant people in the conscious Community are the “Stans” who choose ad hominem attacks over critical thinking. These folks can give you a hundred reasons why Creflo Dollar is a crook- he probably is, but can’t recognize similar behavior when exhibited by Umar, Boyce, and their minions.

The only math these folks care about is division and subtraction. They seek to divide vulnerable portions of the Black community from their friends and family and then subtract what little money they have from them. Boyce might not be Charles’ puppet, but the people buying their overpriced products should check themselves for strings. Source

Who ever’s DROPBOX this is, is the real MVP. I shared ‘concerns’ i had with Dr. Boyce Watkins pushing a Crypto-Education program with a Prediction Bot called Jarvis about a month ago; Mostly b/c I felt he was being MISLED by Charles Wu – an outsider to OUR community who does not have Black interest in mind; Only his own pockets.

As black people we have to do better than this – I know of plenty good hearted non-blacks who DO want to work with our people; and who DO have our interest in mind; You won’t find them selling nonsense for $300/mo — You won’t find them calling US Broke Minded; When we hear whites, asians, and even blacks talking that “poor minded” stuff whenever blacks turn down Investing Large sums of money – BEWARE –

I was EXCITED at first; like so many others, that Dr. Boyce was moving our people into Crypto; I loved the group at first, b/c I was meeting other black people who were also in this game – and I could see something Special about to form.

THEN They came with a weekend webinar, which started out on FIRE – till they got to the point when it was time to SELL their ‘system’ — then, it all changed. I have been unable to watch Dr. Boyce’s videos ever since that weekend.

His posts on Social Media continue to Trigger Side Eye – and I may eventually have to Unfollow and Unsubscribe Entirely if I don’t hear a RESPONSE to this video that I’m about to share.

I had to get Permission; b/c the video is not mine — whoever’s Dropbox this is – is the real MVP. In this video we learn Dr. Boyce is a PAWN and Wu views us as nothing more than a “niche” to sell to – as he talks about how ‘smart’ he is, to talk black people into buying a product that isn’t worth what they’re selling it for.

This is why it is difficult for black people with any REAL knowledge to ‘trust’ non-black people. There is a long history of non-blacks lying to black people and using blacks for their own gains. There is a longer discussion with reactions from black people who are victims of the SCAM on Lamar Wilson’s ‘page’ — however to be honest, Lamar worked too hard to stay positive, and refused to put Charles Wu in the trash, where he and others like him belong. Check out Lamar Wilson on the Charles Wu video source


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