Clippers advanced beat Mavs in 7 it’s time for mavs to get rid of Porzingis

Yesterday I posted about the coach from the mavs saying game 6 loss was okay because his usage of Porzingis was intentional. I called the coach out on my YouTube community post saying bs like this needs to stop!! No one wants 7 points from their max star player in game 6 situation forcing a game 7 with clippers. Coach should of been honest and said something like we need Porzingis to help the team dont cuddle a player who underperforming in a tight series with a great team like the clippers who have champion ship players on they’re roster and will be most likely favorable to win a game 7… I knew clippers were going to win when I saw Porzingis stats and when I read the article about the coach saying they were using Porzingis that way purposely….. wow !!! Sorry Dallas fans ! Luka needs help and a better coach!!!!

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nba finals

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